Entrepreneur, writer, digital creator and artist Carole Chainon creates her art under the atelier KONG brand. Chainon has a passion to share beauty with the world, one artwork at a time.

Her latest series ‘Embrace’ highlights the acceptance of Self. Trauma happens when we’re not seen or heard and the body keeps a tally on those. Traumas and negative experiences are part of who we are and what makes us all unique. She wants to open the discussion on the true acceptance of Self as a whole, that flaws and shame are not to be hidden but to be accepted and highlighted. She explores the perfection humans seek in modern life through her ‘Quest for the perfect line’ series and captures the ephemeral beauty of flowers in her ‘Botanical Art’ series. More projects are coming up.

Chainon works primarily with acrylic, watercolors, watercolor pencils and iridescent paint. When she is not painting, she is digitally creating for virtual and augmented reality experiences.

The name atelier KONG is a reference to her Laotian roots and maiden name.


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